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I whole-heartedly believe that pets bring unquantifiable joy to their human partners’ lives. In this spirit, I wanted to create a product that  would infuse our pets' lives with nutrition and longevity. I’m convinced that if you feed your pet clean, nutrient-dense whole foods, based on their ancestral diet, the reverberating benefits lasts years and adds to a great quality of life for pets, and therefore, their owners. It has become my mission to “change the way our pets eat, one Frozen Superfood Lovebite at a time."



  • Preserve the ancestral diet of pets, based in whole foods.

  • Preserve superfoods, probiotics and nutrients by the process of freezing.

  • Preserve the loving memory of my 2 pugs, Sunny & Breeze.


I was raised in New York, and have also lived in Paris and Los Angeles. I had a long career in the fashion industry, primarily in product development and trend forecasting. After many years, I had the revelation that I no longer wanted to contribute to the waste that fashion creates. After having previously worked in Paris and feasted on some of the best pastries, I decided to embark on a new career path as a Pastry professional. I passionately fell in love with creating food that nourishes a basic need, delights one's palette, visually pleases, and tries to eliminate waste.

Around this time, I discovered the need to help cool down my dogs after walks on hot days. Instead of giving them a nutritionally purposeless ice cube, I created Frozen Superfood Lovebites, which would boost their existing diet nutritionally and also their immune system.